This is a fun, colourful multi-functional product NO preschool should be without.

Activities for blocks are designed to cover a range of perceptual skills essential for effective learning to take place.

This product :

  • Comes in a soft sponge versatile block.
  • Product is supported by educational activity leaflet making it multi-functional.
  • Consists of 10 different size and vibrant colour 3D blocks. (approx. 15x20cm)
  • Leaflet is specifically written by professionals to guide you through effective use of the product – covering lots of perceptual areas (sensory, colour recognition, sequencing, following instructions etc.) needed to be developed for the effective learning processes to take place.
  • Has a wide age appropriate target group 1-7+ years.
  • Blocks are soft and can be thrown around, built with etc. without hurting one another.
  • Product can be adapted by putting on eg. Numbers, shapes etc. making them affordable and versatile. Sets can be purchased according to budget allocation and added to already existing stock.
  • Provides hours of instructional target development as well as independent play.
  • Adds aesthetic value to any area of play or work. Encouraging learners to do incidental learning during group work, free time or waiting after school.

Enjoy using this multi-functional tool that will provide hours of targeted educational fun.

Blocks sold in pack of 10 for R295-00. Leaflet covering a wide range of educational skills that are essential for school – ongoing learning to the age of 7+ years.