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Fundamental School offers exclusive one- stop education for your child.
Age group ranges from 6 weeks – Grade 3.
Grade 4 – Grade 7 January 2020.
Familiarise yourself with our website for in depth information regarding our passion for education and what we offer.


To create a stimulating learning environment where qualified teachers are employed, equipped  and  will receive ongoing in-service training to ensure the development of your child in all aspects re: physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.


Through play and structured activities children will learn to accept responsibility and develop independence while reaching personal challenges and goals.

What makes us the no.1 choice for your child?

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  • Set in a tranquil, convenient, safe environment, Fundamental Factory is your child’s home away from home.
  • Observation windows allow parents and educators to observe child activity.
  • Space allocation per child in learning area is 2.29m2. Area per child including indoor play area and auxiliary area is 6.17m2.
  • All water used, is filtered through a filtration system.
  • Sterilization unit is installed for sterilization of all equipment used.
  • Design of building allows for abundant sunlight and is according to international standards re: size, play areas, bathroom facilities etc.
  • No fluorescent lighting is used.
  • Separate activity and play areas.
  • Undercover drop-off zone.
  • Ample parking.
  • Fully equipped industrial kitchen complies with hygienic standards according to department of health.
  • Sanitizing bins are used for disposal of all soiled nappies.
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  • 32 Cameras installed for 24 hour surveillance.
  • 24 hour armed response.
  • Secure access that is individually granted.
  • Security company is present during drop-off and pick- up times.
  • Security gates installed to limit access to certain areas.
  • Vehicle on site for emergencies.
  • Children are never left unsupervised.
  • Incident register completed daily.
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  • Classes are age specific ranging from our baby section till grade R.
  • We accommodate children from 6 weeks up to and including grade R.
  • Grade 1 to 3 will open in 2019 as well as further grades in the future.
  • Class ratios are within recommended quantities to ensure that your child receives the highest standard of care.
  • Times – We are open from 06:30 till 17:30 on weekdays. Flexi times can be arranged at additional fee. We do not cater for learners to be fetched later than 18:30.
  • We are open during school holidays and provide a holiday program.
  • Closed for approx. two weeks over festive season.
  • Closed on all public holidays.
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  • Hand-picked, qualified staff who are motivated, dedicated and experienced.
  • Assistants have a passion for their job and are education students doing in-service training.
  • Support team consists of: Clinical Phycologist, Speech Therapist, Remedial Therapist, Trauma Counsellor and sand play therapy.
  • An appointed dietician provides wholesome, tasty, well balanced meal menu’s that are free from additives and preservatives.
  • Qualified nurse on site to attend to baby section as well as other children’s needs.
  • Professional staff do annual hearing and vision assessments.
  • Staff are continually doing training courses to enrich their experience and allow them to handle all situations that occur eg. tantrums, bullying.
  • All staff members are CPR and First Aid trained.
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  • CAPS curriculum is enriched by implementing additional teaching material and methodology to ensure each child reaches his/her developmental milestones.
  • This approach also allows individual children to develop to maximum potential.
  • Exciting, relative themes are used.
  • Milestone monitoring goes hand-in-hand with corrective teaching. If your child has not reached milestones within reasonable developmental time, corrective measures are put in place.
  • Early reading readiness and writing program.
  • Pre-school assessments are done on premises by qualified personnel.
  • We cultivate appreciation of nature, music, art and drama by specific programs offered.
  • Creativity is encouraged through rhymes and song.
  • Good physical and personal habits are encouraged.
  • Acknowledge uniqueness, individuality and specific needs of each learner.
  • We encourage role-play and have a variety of activity areas for fantasy play.
  • Early intervention of learning barriers allows for corrective teaching.
  • Gifted learners are encouraged by additional activities.
  • Potty-training forms part of the curriculum.
  • Progress reports are given out every term.
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  • Our equipment is specially designed and custom made for our school by professionals so that each child can reach their full potential.
  • A wide selection of educational toys are available for use.
  • We are equipped with the latest technology which empowers both educators and learners.
  • Play equipment is developmental phase specific; including three different phase play areas ie. modular indoor play system, soft play area as well as outdoor explore and play equipment.
  • All equipment is sturdy and well positioned.
  • Sandpit is covered and sand is replaced regularly.
  • Grade R learners are exposed to computer-based instruction toward the end of the year.
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  • All meals and snacks offered are well balanced as prescribed by our dietician and are free from additives and preservatives.
  • Wholesome tasty menu that differs on a weekly basis.
  • Meals, including purities for babies, are made from fresh vegetables.
  • Our fully equipped industrial kitchen is certified by health inspector and maintains the highest hygienic standards.
  • We provide breakfast, snacks and lunch to full day learners.
  • Our half day learners receive breakfast and snacks.
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  • We provide a stimulating after school center, where homework is supervised and children receive meals and snacks.
  • Sports program is available to enhance motor development.
  • Exciting holiday programs are presented.
  • Party venue on premises.
  • Grandparents Day is held once a year.
  • End of the year concert.
  • Graduation for grade R learners.
  • Other exciting events are held.